Why Sell Online in China?

For the past years, it is beyond doubt that China has been performing well in the e-commerce industry, it was even hailed as the world’s largest e-commerce market in the world. And not selling in China is considered a huge missed opportunity. But what are those things that make China the perfect market for your brand?

A Huge Market

Being the largest market in the world with online retail sales of 8429.5 billion yuan in the first 7 months of 2022, it is undeniable that the Chinese market is an opportunity-packed country for international brands all over the world. 

An E-Commerce Leader

China has recorded 782.41 million online shoppers searching and browsing e-commerce sites in 2020 and has been forecasted to skyrocket this year. This is a good sign for brands that are planning to introduce their products or services to China.

Chinese Consumers’ Craving for Western Products

Just as they like their own products available online, Chinese consumers have a huge craving for western products. Aside from it being “IN”, they also see western products as a better and safer product to patronize. 

These are just some of the many reasons why China could be a great place to have your brands marketed. So what are you waiting for? Consider selling your products in China today! 




5 Effective Strategies You Can Use For Your E-Commerce Business

Businesses regardless of their nature require careful planning and implementation of strategies that you think would benefit your business and helps you achieve your entrepreneurial goals the quickest way possible. 

Here are some e-commerce strategies that you can use to be a successful business:

1. Provide a Great Filtering Experience

Browsing through online shops with millions of products waiting for you to be purchased can be quite a hassle and time-consuming. But by integrating advanced product filters, customers can easily browse through products and look for something that fits their needs and wants. This strategy assures to give a smooth user experience, increases product views, and boosts conversion within your online store.

2. Put the Latest Products in the Spotlight

It is without a doubt that new products bring excitement and thrill to customers. These feelings should be used as an advantage especially when you want to boost your sales and increase product awareness, recognition, credibility, and market acceptance.  

3. Offer Multiple Payment Options

Nowadays, customers from both online and brick-and-mortar stores prefer having options. From product choices to payment methods, it is very important that customers should have a great customer experience whatever choice they make. And providing multiple payment options makes that possible because aside from a reduced waiting time, it also eliminates the hassle for customers, and makes your company appear willing to meet their needs and expectations.

4. Promotions

Free shipping, 50% off on prices, cashback, and more. Offering discounts, vouchers, and freebies encourage your web traffic to buy your products because it is a way to quickly draw people into your store and helps you acquire new customers. But in doing promotions, you have to make sure that you are doing them with the right people, in the right place, and at the right time. 

5. Make Unique and Consistent Contents

Content marketing has really been an effective eCommerce business strategy even up to this day. As the world of advertising changes, people are also changing and becoming more annoyed with a lot of advertisements online, the result?

They tend to look for ways to avoid these ads. But by making unique and quality content, you would surely capture the interest of customers and generate more traffic which then leads to more sales.  




Top 4 Chinese Social Media Platforms That Might Help Your Business Grow in China

For several years, social media has been very popular among the Chinese community. In fact, there are around one billion social media users in the country in 2022, some use it for shopping, searching for brands, and as a source of information about certain products. And this makes social media an important thing to understand for people who are planning to make an entrepreneurial endeavor within the country. 

But what are some of the best social media platforms one can use to help their business establish brand awareness? 


Also known as “The Little Red Book,” Xiaohongshu is a trendy social e-commerce site with over 85 million monthly active users. This social media platform can help brands boost their brand awareness and sales by creating an account or a digital store where products are sold and interactions with customers happen. 


Launched in 2012, this social media platform uses deep-learning algorithms to source and produce personalized contents that users will find most interesting. This makes it easy for business owners to target audiences of a specific age, gender, interests, or even occupation whenever they are doing advertisements for their businesses.


Known as the Chinese equivalent of TikTok, Douyin is a short video social media platform with around 600 million daily active users. This application is best suited for businesses whose target audience is people of age 13-24 years old, also known as Gen Zs. Livestreaming and having Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are some of the most effective advertising within the application. 


With over 100 million monthly active users, ZhiHu is one of China’s most outstanding question-and-answer social media platforms. This has made it a reliable platform for advertising because of its highly educated audience, where a lot of opinions and insights about a certain product or brand are asked before buying them. 

BONUS: WeChat 

This is not a social media platform but an effective avenue to reach Chinese consumers just the same. With over a billion monthly active users, WeChat tops all the top social media platforms in China. It also released WeChat Advertising, where brands can use various advertising tools to be used for promotions and further help them establish market awareness. WeChat being this big makes it the perfect platform for business owners looking to expand their brands internationally. 




Things You Should Know Before Entering the World of E-Commerce

Starting your own e-commerce business can be an exciting thing to do, reaching larger customer bases,  new opportunities, and a lot more things to discover. But as much as it is exciting, having your own e-commerce business can also be a challenging path to take. So before starting one, make sure to know the following things before you enter the world of e-commerce.

Expect Tough Competition 

There are an estimated 12 to 24 million online businesses and shops around the world, and there are still a lot more created day by day. The numbers alone are a challenge already but still, showing what your product and business are capable of will surely make you stand out from the rest. Making the competition more exciting.  

Research is the Key! 

Every business regardless of its nature, should take advantage of modern technology and learn about things that would help the business grow. Knowing what to sell, where to sell them, and whom you should sell them to are some vital information to increase your chances of being a successful e-commerce business.

Invest in Marketing

Making potential customers aware of your brand is one of the most important factors that urge them to buy and patronize your products. Pricing, product management, and advertising such as making interesting content or creating visuals that capture the eye. Marketing also is considered one of the most important aspects of the business as it deals with attracting people and is a key to boosting brand awareness. 

Take Your Time 

Rushing in to start your own e-commerce business might result in missteps. By rushing through establishing a business, you might find it hard to see if something is good or bad, or if it will contribute to the growth of your business. There are so many challenges that you might face along the way, and it’s best to know them from others’ mistakes rather than experiencing them by yourself.

Reach Out for a Helping Hand

Like what’s stated at the beginning, starting your own e-commerce business can be an exciting yet challenging thing to do, so it’s understandable to be overwhelmed with the unfamiliarity of the market. But you don’t have to worry about that as there are various e-commerce solution platforms out there that could help you bring your business to your target market. 

This is what we do at GLOSKU, we help businesses bring their brands to the second largest economy in the world, the land of unending business opportunities and home to billions of people looking for new products to patronize, and that is China.  Just do the clicks and we’ll do all the leg work. 




5 Exciting Facts About the Chinese Market Every Business Needs to Know

In doing business, some of the basic things an entrepreneur must know are what sells and what doesn’t, the current market trends, and great places to start your business. And when talking about great places, who would not think about the great, opportunity-filled, and fast-growing Chinese market? I mean no one does right?

So here are five exciting facts every business owner must know about the Chinese market: 

Consumers Everywhere

Having people patronize your products is one of the goals of doing business. And this is what makes consumers a crucial part of a successful entrepreneurial endeavor. But with the Chinese market, looking for consumers won’t be a problem AT ALL, as China is home to almost 900 billion consumers waiting for your products to come out of the market. 

An Innovative Country

It is undeniable that technological innovation has driven China’s economic growth over the past years. Research and scientific innovation has played an essential role in the economic development of the country. This has resulted in a more profitable and sustainable business environment and makes China a business-friendly country more than anywhere else.

Enjoy Lower Costs

While the world experiences the impact of rising prices due to inflation, China still has a relatively low cost of manufacturing and operating costs for businesses compared to other huge economies around the world. This serves as an opportunity waiting to be taken for businesses to enjoy higher profits at lower costs. 

The Abundance of Skilled People

China is home to millions of skilled workers and young professionals who are products of universities and the ever-competent Chinese education system. So if you’re looking to start a business in the country, then looking for talents to be working with you won’t take long, and will not give you a hard time, as they are everywhere to be found. 

Stability for Decades

Yes, you heard it right. China has been a country that has achieved stability in different aspects such as political, social, and of course, economical stability. And this had helped the country continuously grow for the last three decades.




Three of the Greatest Myths When Entering the Chinese Market

China is a place for businesses that are looking for opportunities to earn, be known, and grow. But there are just some things that make this dream seem scary for some, and we’ll be falsifying those things for you. 

Here are three myths about entering the Chinese market:

The greatest hindrance to your entry is language 

When planning to start your entrepreneurial endeavor in one of the world’s largest economies, it is expected that having a decent conversation with the locals might be a tough job, and give you a hard time in doing business-related talks. But this is not as tough as people perceived it to be as there are things you can do to go around this barrier, as there are English-speaking people and even applications that can help you get through a decent conversation with the locals. 

They don’t like doing it with western brands

Contrary to what a lot of people believe in, Chinese people have no problems doing business with western brands. Instead, they are having problems with attitudes such as rudeness, tactlessness, and insensitive to their culture and traditions. They have this extreme cancellation culture on brands that disrespect them. So as long as you know your limitations, respect their culture, and went there for the sole purpose of doing business, then you are welcome to enter the market without having any problems. 

The Chinese market is only for companies with the biggest names

China does not just make opportunities available for those who are already in the spotlight, it also is an avenue for small businesses trying to shoot their shot and aspire for greater things not just for themselves but for their businesses in general. In fact, operational costs such as manufacturing expenses are a lot cheaper in China, which makes it a more starter-friendly country for businesses trying to enter the market.

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions when it comes to entering the Chinese market, but one this is for sure. All these myths and misconceptions won’t stop the heart and determination of an entrepreneur from entering China or any other country that has a lot of things and opportunities to offer.





Entering the world of eCommerce is a challenging battle to be in, tight competition, and facing big companies in the industry with reputable names are some of the factors that might make it hard for a business to give a good fight. And to win, one might need a little help. 

That help may come from 3PLs (third-party logistics), but what are third-party logistics?

Third-party logistics are providers of logistic solutions that manage several aspects of the supply management chain. Things such as procurement, warehousing, distributing, labeling, packing, and delivery are some of its functions. 

Why are third-party logistics essential for eCommerce companies?

Cost-Efficient Shipping 

One reason why eCommerce companies partner with a third-party logistics provider is that their services can be availed at a much cheaper price. This is because some of them are already doing business with other companies and that’s what makes their prices more competitive. 

Faster Delivery 

I mean, who wouldn’t want to receive their orders as soon as possible, right? Third-party logistics also comes with the promise of faster delivery, and this was made possible by them having warehouses scattered across places which makes the delivery process from one place to another in a timely manner. 

No Warehouse, No Problem

Speaking of warehouses, third-party logistics are equipped with warehouses and the ability to manage them properly. They are in charge of the procurement of stocks of several eCommerce companies and store them in their warehouses. This also enables them to perform faster deliveries to millions of customers around the world. 

Provides Insurance 

One great thing about third-party logistics is that they provide insurance for products especially expensive items such as luxury bags, watches, jewelry, and other valuable items. This is considered the biggest advantage of doing business with third-party logistics because its insurance plans cover any shipping mishaps your deliveries might encounter. 

Let’s You Track Orders 

With the advancement of technology merged with logistics, real-time tracking of deliveries is made possible. This lets customers have real-time updates as to where their orders are at. 3PLs do this by creating an order-tracking page or application that lets their customer know the current location of their orders. This is also one way for eCommerce companies to gain their customers’ trust and brand loyalty.

Let’s You Focus On What Matters

By doing business with third-party logistics companies, you can save a lot of time, money, and effort because they will make you focus on things that might help you in your day-to-day operations, allowing your business to grow rather than doing warehousing and distribution tasks all at once. 

ECommerce stores can reach new heights, and larger markets, engage with other groups of customers, provide better customer experience, and more with the help of 3PLs. So if you’re planning to be successful in the field of eCommerce find your third-party logistics provider today and start your journey to becoming one of the biggest eCommerce companies in the world.




TMall, Building Bridges Between International Merchants and Young Female Chinese Consumers

Well, this is true for businesses that are having a hard time selling their products in the domestic scene. They go the extra mile and start bringing their brands to one of the largest economies in the world, and that is China. And this was made possible by TMall, a B2C (business to consumer) platform which enables international brands to sell their products to the opportunity-packed market of China. 

In the world of business, a company’s utmost priority is to generate profit which then leads to its goal of expanding, growing, and establishing a strong brand reputation in the marketplace. And to do that, one must look for ways to sell their products. You know what they say about goals, when there’s a will, then there definitely is a way. 

TMall has been helping brands from different countries to have their products and services available in the Chinese market and reach a bigger group of consumers. And comprising the biggest portion of these consumers are female Gen Zs inside the country. 

But why has TMall become so successful in helping foreign brands to stay on top of the latest shopping trends in the local market?

They Have It All

With TMall, being home to thousands of international brands, it just makes sense that whatever you search for is right there at that exact moment. From clothing to beauty products, luxury goods, health products, and even sports equipment, they surely have all the goods you need ready and available in just a few clicks. 

Huge User Base 

Have you ever imagined being followed by five hundred million people? That’s what it is like to be TMall, having half a billion daily active users waiting for updates, promotions, and great offers every single day. This gives foreign brands an assurance that there would be people always looking for their products and are ready to add those goods into their shopping carts. 

Brand Integrity 

Who would want to buy from merchants that are not legitimate and expose you to risks of being scammed and getting ripped off? With TMall, consumers are ensured that they are entrusting their hard-earned money to products that are worth the purchase, thanks to TMall’s strict standards and terms when it comes to their merchants. 

Taking your products to huge markets such as China may sound ambitious and almost impossible to do, but with hard work, perseverance and a little help, nothing is impossible. 





Chic, subtle, sexy, and elegant. These are what come to mind when talking about French girl outfits worn by fine young women, whether they are in shopping malls or just roaming around the streets. Its ability to effortlessly bring out elegance is what makes it popular and appealing among people who love to try different styles and have a good taste in fashion. 

Known for being the world’s biggest consumer of fashion and clothing, China is home to hundreds of millions of people who put value on what they wear, especially women who usually like going with the trend and have this thing called FOMO, well you know — Fear Of Missing Out.

And Chinese shoppers surely would not want to miss out on this thing called, “The Feminine French Aesthetic.”

This has been eyed by Chinese shoppers and is currently a trend among women in the country. But it isn’t surprising though, as Chinese people are known for spending and investing in things such as clothing, because, for them, it doesn’t matter how much something costs, and the moment they see it, then they will definitely get it. 

A few days ago, Chinese netizens have been mentioning hashtags that feature French girl looks and ideas to draw inspiration from. Retros, plains, and chic floral dresses are some outfit pieces that become a must-have for Chinese shoppers to achieve that chic french girl vibe. 

Brands like Rouje, Réalisation Par, and Carel have been exerting efforts to make noticeable changes and further improve their brand awareness since last year. This could be an opportunity for emerging french-style niche brands to have their products be known and turn this situation into a stepping stone that will help their brand grow.

People have different ways of expressing themselves, some express themselves through words, through actions, some through fashion, and Chinese shoppers do this by adapting to what’s in. So attention to all french fashion brands, it’s your time to storm the consumer capital that is China.





The fashion industry has been huge for the past few years, there have been numerous brands trying to compete and establish a name for themselves in their chosen industry. And when we say names, we mean really huge names. So, who doesn’t know about Shein? An online retail store that took the world by storm when it comes to clothing and fashion. 

And its consumer base? Well, it’s no other than Gen Zs. 

But how did it become so popular among youngsters?

Trendy Pieces

Gen Zs, as we all know are fashion-forward and are huge patronizers of fashion and statement pieces. They like to feel accepted, loved and express themselves through their fashion statements. And one good thing about Shein is that it produces fashion pieces that are in, and gives the feeling of being relevant to anyone who wears it. 

Competitive Pricing 

Taking your style to the next level doesn’t have to be expensive, and this is what sets Shein apart from its competitors — the affordability of its products. Compared to its competitors, the company has been offering products at a much lower price, allowing a wider customer base to avail of its products without compromising the quality.

Faster Shipping Periods

It is really irritating to wait for weeks or even months for your ordered products to be shipped and received. But Shein changed the way shipping periods happen, with an average shipping time of six to eight days, it surely is a factor that makes it a better choice not just for Gen Zs, but for all other generations. 

Discounts and Promos Everywhere

These kinds of marketing strategies make customers more interested in businesses as these are available almost everywhere. From discounts when you purchase from influencers, promos when you use a code when you buy three items, and even when you buy with a membership. It surely is an opportunity no one wants to miss. I mean, who doesn’t want discounts and promotions though?

These are just some of the many reasons why Shein has become the world’s largest fashion retailer, and why it is loved by Gen Zs nowadays.