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Influencer Campaigns

Our experts know local influencer marketing better than anyone. GLOSKU Campaign+ connects you to vetted influencers relevant to your brand for well-planned campaigns that lead directly to your brand store for significantly increasing GMV.
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  • Reach Customers Through Influencers They Trust

    The dynamics of influencer marketing in China are different. Our platform enables success for your brand by pairing it with influencers that your customers trust. Product recommendations from trustworthy sources results in improved conversions.

  • Achieve True Brand Uplift

    Execute focused and highly targeted influencer marketing campaigns to achieve sustainable brand uplift. Create awareness and promote creation of User Generated Content through influencers.

  • Complete Data Visibility

    GLOSKU Campaign+ provides complete data visibility so you can see exactly how your campaigns are performing. Use actionable data to make informed decisions that help reduce ROAS and increase conversions.

  • Experience The Power of AI

    Our artificial intelligence technology makes it possible to engineer targeted campaigns backed by deep learning and user acquisition data. Test, optimize, and scale campaigns with the power of AI.

  • Optimize Conversions with Content

    Learn precisely what content has the potential to drive the most conversions. We track how changes to your campaign’s content impacts performance and recommend optimizations to ensure your campaigns continue to outperform expectations.

  • Exclusive Campaign Support

    You’ll never feel lost about who to contact for support. GLOSKU provides you with exclusive campaign support. Your campaign team is dedicated to providing support and solutions, ensuring that your campaigns reach their full potential..

  • Expert Planning and Execution

    No need to launch influencer marketing campaigns on a whim. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your vision, suggest relevant influencers, negotiate parameters, and professionally execute all of your campaign.

Want to Inspire Brand Loyalty in Your Customers?

Want to Inspire Brand Loyalty in Your Customers? Reach out today to learn more about GLOSKU and how it can transform your new customers into loyal patrons.
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