Our Mission

Omni-Channel Expansion

Go beyond borders with GLOSKU. Access billions of potential new customers through a single cohesive ecosystem that seamlessly syncs with your existing eCommerce processes.
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Powerful Global Cohesive Sales Ecosystem

  • Unlock New Customer Touchpoints

    Expanding your presence to the most advanced eCommerce market can be daunting. We align our interests with yours. We succeed only when you do.

  • Boost Brand Awareness With Multi-Channel Storefronts

    Deliver a fully-integrated shopping experience to customers through multi-channel branded storefronts that develop their interest in your products and help increase brand awareness. Elevate your brand value regardless of which platform you want to sell on.

  • Streamline Cross-Border Logistics

    GLOSKU takes care of cross-border shipping to AsiaChina, allowing you to ship with complete confidence. From import clearance to last mile delivery with full compliance of local and global customs regulations, streamline your logistics to ensure that your customers receive their orders without delay.

  • Unmatched Insights Powered by Analytics

    GLOSKU provides a holistic view of your entire eCommerce operation in China through powerful data analytics. The platform tracks hundreds of datapoints, enabling you to pinpoint orders with extreme accuracy. Use these data-driven insights to make informed business decisions.

  • Boost Conversions Through Social Commerce

    Break free of being tethered to platforms. We enable brands to launch their own multi-channel online stores. Exercise complete control over your brand’s presence for maximum visibility.

  • Unmatched Insights Powered by Analytics

    Launch a full-fledged brand loyalty program to increase customer retention. Use loyalty data to launch remarketing campaigns to increase lifetime customer value. Reward your most loyal customers through exclusive incentives and perks.

  • Leverage User Generated Content

    Let your customers be your biggest brand ambassadors. Tap into the power of user generated content to further elevate your brand presence. It’s a powerful and effective way to reach new customers across different markets while lowering your customer acquisition costs.

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