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Access every corner of the largest Asian eCommerce market with one single integration. Unlock infinite possibilities for success.

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Incubate growth through multi-channel storefronts on all leading eCommerce platforms in China with GLOSKU+. Boost sales through localized mobile checkouts that convert payments into your currency automatically. Logistics handled by experts to guarantee timely fulfillment of your orders across multiple marketplaces. All without any changes required to your existing eCommerce platform.
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  • agnostic

    Platform Agnostic

    Break free of being tethered to platforms. We enable brands to launch their own multi-channel online stores. Exercise complete control over your brand`s presence for maximum visibility.

  • logistics

    Logistics Simplified

    Logistics is the bedrock of our platform. We make cross-border shipping to China possible without requiring any changes to your existing operations.

  • integration

    Native App Integration

    Be exactly where your customers are. With native app integration, you reach local audiences through the sales channels and apps that they already use and trust. Use localized mobile checkout to increase sales.


Establish your brand presence on all local social media platforms to increase awareness and drive traffic. Ensure brand protection to build a lasting reputation and prevent unauthorized sellers from diluting its prestige. Leverage social eCommerce to offer online promotions with discounts and other incentives to boost sales.
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  • Protect Your Brand

    Expand awareness in the market while protecting your brand`s image. Be fully empowered to manage your brand across all platforms where you serve customers.

  • Create Brand Loyalty

    Establish a comprehensive brand loyalty program to increase customer retention. Use re-marketing and direct in-app purchasing to increase sales.

  • Tap Into Social Commerce

    Elevate your brand inside the apps your customers use the most. Power seamless conversions through in-app product catalogs and secure check out.


Launch professionally managed social media campaigns, including one-off campaigns for specific eCommerce shopping holidays. Our deep-learning technology combines user acquisition data with accurate buyer personas to supercharge conversions. Access powerful local influencers and affiliates relevant to your brand. Track performance through in-depth campaign analytics with full support from your dedicated account management team.
  • Complete Data Transparency

    Access all data points through one simple dashboard for transparent visibility into campaign performance and ROAS. Your data always remains yours and yours alone.

  • Influencer Marketing Done Right

    Choose from a curated list of local influencers and affiliates most relevant to your brand. Leverage their significant audience to expand the reach of your products to millions of new customers.

  • 1-on-1 Account Management

    Work with your dedicated team of highly knowledgeable local digital marketing experts. Launch highly targeted campaigns, scale and optimize with continued support.

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The GLOSKU Impact

  • 300%

    increase in conversion rate from China

  • 10x

    increase in GMV in China

  • 90%

    increase in speed of deployment in China

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