Champagne Taste (on a Beer Budget)

No. This article has nothing to do with that song by Home Free. 

This article pays homage to the millennials who have managed to be fashionable post-Great Recession. But more importantly, it provides insight as to how the upcoming recession will shape the fashion industry, particularly, the Gen Zs taking the reign in terms of trends. After all, they are inheriting the world as we know it today- hard times very much included.

Thank heavens, The Gen Zs were born well-prepared

Because Gen Zs practically lived with economic uncertainty all their lives, their generation isn’t expected to do a 180 for the upcoming recession. If anything, their skills in finding better deals online, an affinity for thrifting, and supporting sustainable products make them perfectly geared for trying times. But that is not to say that challenges won’t be felt.

They will be, but Gen Zs will be facing each of them with style.

Used Fashion is Key

If millennials had the high lows, where they incorporate affordable pieces with branded/investment pieces in an outfit, Gen Zs are champions of used fashion. It is sustainability and a lower price point rolled into one! 

With the help of social media and e-commerce platforms, people can easily buy and sell items online. Instead of coughing up major dollars for a Gucci belt, why not just buy a second-hand, rank AB Gucci bag for much less? 

To be fair, this option is much less known by millennials during their time but with that said, Gen Zs are enjoying this amazing option now, and used fashion has become a rising market on its own with an estimated value of US$ 96B last year.

Thrifting is Trendy

Who has not heard of Thrift Shop? Again, not the song by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. We’re talking about actual thrift stores being raided and featured by influencers in their TikTok and YouTube videos where the Gen Zs are the major audiences being influenced by these very influencers. 

Again, two very important boxes are being ticked: Gen Zs’ affinity for sustainability and much, or probably the lowest price points!

Arguably, these thrifted clothes that were made by reputable brands have better quality than fast-fashion brands. If you know how to spot great finds, thrift stores are actual goldmines. 

Fashion will survive

Yes, it will. It always does. This time, with influences from different eras thanks to used fashion. Do not be surprised if you spot bell bottoms from the ’70s, shirtwaists from the ‘40s, and Juicy Couture sweatpants from the 2000s while you’re in line for your morning coffee. Doc and Marty didn’t mess up the timeline, it’s just 2022 fashion shaped by the recession.

Champagne Taste (on a Beer Budget)

How will the upcoming recession shape fashion? Are we expecting a major change in fashion trends?