Four Great Marketing Advice When Selling in China (A Tip For Western Brands)

Doing business with China can be quite a challenge, well at least for western brands trying to penetrate the market. This job is indeed a difficult one, but it isn’t an impossible thing to do. And if you’re looking forward to selling in China, then now is the right time. Use these simple tips to sell in China, especially if you are a western brand. 

And here they are: 

Build A Local-Friendly Website

Having a website that can be fully understood by the local community is the key to market approval. And to do this, you might need to put these things into consideration. 
Quality content
Business Etiquette
Cultural awareness 
These three will help your website drive traffic and provide an enhanced user experience for your target audience.

Understand How To Reach The Locals 

In the western setup, consumers tend to put their trust in the websites they visit which makes it different from the Chinese consumers. Consumers from China are wary of thousands of fake websites that may lead to scams or those who offer products of poor quality. They are critical of choosing brands to trust so you have to make sure to research more about Chinese consumers to make a good impression. 

Be Aware of the Competition

Chinese consumers are known to have preferences when it comes to brands, but aside from that, they are also not that loyal to a certain brand. This is a good sign for western brands trying to enter the market, it is an indication that there would always be room for your products in this very competitive market. So whatever product or service you offer, you must consider quality and pricing to have an edge over your competitors. 

Find the Right Platform For Your Business

Even though a lot of some popular social media platforms in western countries are banned from China, a business can still advertise their products since there are still countless platforms you can use to promote your business. Mobile apps such as Douyin, Kuaishou, WeChat, and more are used by up to 1.1 billion people in China every month. And choosing the best mobile app for your business could be the formula to achieve your entrepreneurial goals. It’s like putting your brand into places where the demand is at.