Imagine an aircraft without a pilot, flying through the vast skies, above the clouds, and getting battered by the strong winds, wouldn’t that be a scary scenario to be in? Now imagine a world where no one takes charge, no one dares to take the wheel and no one acts as a leader, isn’t it frightening?

For centuries, the world has seen and witnessed leaders throughout the years, names like Cleopatra, Mahatma Gandhi, Queen Victoria, Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill, and Martin Luther King Jr. have been known and are in the books for a very long time. It can’t be denied that history has seen leaders of different colors, nationalities, and timelines who tried to change the world to be a better place to be in. 

Having those names mentioned above, and knowing the significant contributions they have made, have you ever thought about HOW THESE LEADERS ARE MADE? 

Authenticity, good communication, open-mindedness, creativity, flexibility, and dependability, are just some of the skills one must possess in order to have smooth and effective leadership, we see leaders with distinctive qualities that help them achieve success. But having those skills is not enough to become a great leader, because being a leader requires more than just being a skilled person. 

To be a leader is to have a body that is physically ready for the tiring journey ahead as being a leader is a process and does not happen in an instant. This role requires strength to withstand pressure, the pressure that comes with the position because being a leader is not an easy feat. But being physically ready does not mean that one should overcommit themselves by putting effort into things that are not aligned with their highest or best use. A leader should know how to choose a battle worth fighting. 

To be a leader is to have a mind that is mentally prepared for the complexities of responsibilities of being one. As we all know, leading a group of people or an organization does not go the way we wanted it to be, there are situations where a leader’s mental toughness is put to the test. And being mentally ready allows a leader to face dynamic and unpredictable challenges that may arise with style. 

And lastly, to be a leader is to have the heart to serve people. While it doesn’t seem like something a leader must do, being a leader who knows how to talk and listen to his or her subordinates make things work. Having a heart also means having emotions where a leader demonstrates that they care and can connect effectively with others. These emotions can help on motivating themselves and their team’s morale to perform better and be at their best. 

We often see leaders as someone who is on top of their game, but the journey to that spot does not happen overnight. It took them years, a lot of wounds, failures, sweat, and tears to get there. And that’s what makes a great leader — a leader with a body that endures, a mind that thinks, and a heart for the people around them.


We often see leaders as someone who is on top of their game, but the journey to that spot does not happen overnight.