#TiktokMadeMeBuyIt – The Effects of Tiktok on GenZ’s Buying Decisions

No, we are not just talking about one of Tiktok’s viral duet chains, we will be discussing Tiktok’s effects on GenZ’s buying decisions and how it has garnered such strong influence over the recent years.

Generation Z has officially become a bankable market starting in 2020. Because it is the first generation to be born in the post-digital era, they are fully dependent on smartphone apps and arguably lived on social media. 

With that being said, as GenZ has started to become part of the working economy, brands and marketers are looking closely at this generation and what they think they need and want, and here enters TikTok.

TikTok, the Social Media App of GenZs

As of April 2022, Tiktok users are made up of 60% of Gen Zs. A number that has grown substantially in the 4 years of the app’s availability in the world. Gen Zs prefer exclusivity and uniqueness and with social media, finding that perfect “That’s me!” content is easier than ever. TikTok’s “For you Page / FYP” is their destination to be. It focuses on content that the user themselves specifically love with the help of specialized AI algorithms that look into search entries, likes, and user activity. Tiktok also enables GenZs to express themselves through innovative content creation tools that are easy to understand and use. At this age, anyone could be a content creator and at the same time, anyone can show the world their individuality. Tiktok took notes and when the Gen Zs arrived, they were there to shake their hand and welcome them.

Finding that connection

As Gen Zs find a way to define themselves, they are not just looking at who is endorsing what but also at who the people behind it are. They want to know their origins, values, and beliefs. They want to find an emotional connection to drive their purchasing power. This is why Tiktok has been a popular venue for both consumers and producers. It has become a platform for each to tell their respective stories where videos are viewed as many as 1 billion times a day. Influencers have been paramount as they keep people engaged and looking for more. Once something is found, the next logical step would be to share it. #TikTokMadeMeBuy had over 3 million views after all.

Who influences who

“I want that” is a common thought that leads to a purchase. GenYs and GenZs are the 2 main purchasing groups right now and studies show that Gen Zs play a bigger role in deciding what to buy as they are now the trendsetters. GenYs on the other hand, have the tendency to listen to recommendations and thus are more likely to be influenced into buying items and services. Gen Zs are passionate about letting themselves be heard which is why they made up 43% of Tiktok’s global audience for the year 2021. The more time they spend, the more they are engaged. Tiktok is no longer just a pastime, it has become a way of life for many so if you are in the market to sell or buy, you’d probably want to put TikTok on the top of your list.

#TiktokMadeMeBuyIt - The Effects of Tiktok on GenZ’s Buying Decisions

This age group's online behavior has changed as a result of TikTok Live Shopping, which gives them the chance to view, interact with, and buy products that are being featured by their favorite creators and brands in real-time. TikTok has been transforming Gen Z's idea of purchasing into a fun and must-join moment by fusing entertainment, engagement, and e-commerce.
#TiktokMadeMeBuyIt – The Effects of Tiktok on GenZ’s Buying Decisions