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What Sells in China? (Part 2) 

Of course, Chinese consumers as we all know them, aren’t settling for just five product categories, and so are we. And we are now at the second part of our previous blog. Apart from the first five, there are more product categories that have been capturing the interest of the Chinese market, and here they are.

1. Food supplements and vitamins 
Apart from eating and living healthy, Chinese consumers are also fond of taking food supplements, vitamins, and other minerals. Some might say that these products won’t have as much demand in the market because usage of traditional medicine is very popular in the county, food supplements still have increasing demand especially from the younger generation.

2. Wine
What would a list without alcohol look like though? Lame isn’t it? Before, Chinese consumers would look for strong local alcohol to drink. But as time went by, locals also started purchasing other alcohol, specifically those from international brands which they get from buying on various cross-border e-commerce websites.

3. Baby Food
Although they may look busy buying their personal needs and wants, Chinese consumers surely won’t forget about their little ones. Baby products are also one of the most popular product categories in the Chinese market. Demand for high-quality baby products is very high as parents want the best possible products for their children.

4. Sporting Goods
Do we have to mention it again? Now that Chinese consumers are becoming more conscious and are leaning towards living healthy nowadays demand for sporting goods such as clothes and equipment rises along with the health products that we’ve mentioned earlier. 

5. Consumer Electronics and Gadgets
This category is too obvious to be included in the list. Because who wouldn’t want to take a hold of the latest gadgets nowadays? Technology has been a big topic in China, and several local companies have been doing well in this industry, so entering the market might be tough. But you shouldn’t worry, because if you’ll be offering something new and unique, then you will definitely capture the locals’ attention and have your own place in the market. 

These are just some of the products that have an astounding demand in China’s huge market. But if your products aren’t included in the list, then this shouldn’t stop you from bringing your product out in the market. Nothing is permanent after all, and who knows if there are millions of people looking forward to seeing your product in the market? Now is the perfect time to sell in China, so give your best shot! 



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What Sells In China? 

When selling in China or anywhere else in the world, knowing what to sell and identifying products that have a market you can sell to is of high importance. And if you’re planning to enter this huge market behind the great wall, you have to at least take note of what they purchase so you can have an idea of what you should be selling.

Here are five products that can easily sell in China:

1. Clothing 
Years ago, Chinese consumers bought their clothes in local shops or some fake markets just around the corner. But today, big clothing brands have established a local presence inside the country. Names like H&M, Zara, Gucci, and more have been popular among local consumers as they are leaning toward the quality these big brands can offer. 

2. Shoes
Well, for some similar reasons, international shoe brands have also become popular in the country. And although wearing high heels and leather shoes are still popular among Chinese consumers, the younger generation has been pushing the trend of wearing sneakers and sports shoes. We all know how the younger generation can drive sales of a certain product, right? 

3. Jewelry
We all know Chinese consumers’ obsession with jewelry, especially women. This demand for jewelry has made China one of the fastest-growing sectors when it comes to luxury goods. Gold, diamonds, and other unique jewelry made from aluminum, wood, and plastic are some that gain the interest of young consumers.

4. Beauty and Cosmetics
This category has always been the most popular among Chinese shoppers, and the demand has made the country the second-largest cosmetics market in the world. But why was it so big in China? It is because both women and men are equally interested in cosmetics and skin care as they are fond of taking care of their looks and their skin.

5. Healthy Products
People in China are becoming more aware of how important it is to have a healthy diet and a good lifestyle. And because of that, they started eating healthy foods like vegetables and fruits while some have switched to plant-based meat which is supported by the government as the country is facing obesity problems, especially among the younger generation. 

These are just some of the many products that sell in China, and if you’re planning to penetrate the market, you should take these products into consideration especially if your business is in the stage of formulating what product to sell. 



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Four Things You Need To Know About Chinese Millennials (If You’re Planning To Sell in China)

For the past years, China has been known to be one of the world’s largest consumer markets in the world. With over 400 million people, Chinese millennials are the country’s largest consumers and 54% of them use the internet to look, buy and check out items. 

So if you are a business trying to bring your brand to China then here are four things you need to know:

You’ll Get Tired of Counting Them

The Chinese millennial population really is big, and we say big — IT REALLY IS BIG. With over 400 million of them, it is undeniable that this group of consumers really can drive various trends in the Chinese market. Groups this size can literally have an impact on the country’s economy, so knowing them and their preferences could be an essential part of your entrepreneurial success.

A Tech-Savvy Generation

Mobile phone usage is very rampant nowadays, this is true not just for the millennials of China, but for everyone around the world. In China, 90% of the millennial population owns and uses a smartphone. And they use it for almost everything they do, from paying bills to shopping, and more. This could be a good sign for e-commerce-based businesses to start for it won’t give them a hard time looking for people who could be their brand’s potential customers.

We’re not talking about them being broke, but them doing their transactions through their mobile phones. Chinese millennials are leading the transition from a traditional mode of payment to doing it the cashless way. This would give entrepreneurs an idea to make various payment methods for their customers to choose from.

A Huge Fan of Luxury and Electronics

Chinese Millennials have been huge fans of luxury items and consumer electronics. It has been expected that Chinese consumers would account for 40% of sales of global luxury goods, and it was also reported that Apple had $9.5 billion US dollars in sales just from China alone. This information could be of great help to businesses that are having a hard time coming up with products to sell and bring to the Chinese market. 




4 Greatest Cross-Border E-Commerce Myths When Selling in China

The billion-dollar market of China has been an attractive place for foreign brands for the past decade. It provides opportunities for countless businesses all over the world. And while there are a lot of good things to hear from China’s cross-border e-commerce, there also would be myths and misconceptions about this huge market. 

And here are some to name a few.

Chinese People Won’t Like Foreign Brands

While this is true for some brands, there are also a lot of brands that became successful and huge in China. Foreign names like IKEA, Eurobakery, Starbucks, and even LinkedIn all achieved huge success in China’s market. Because the truth is, Chinese consumers prefer buying foreign brands because they are more high-quality that are worth the money they paid for. #

Local Distributors Are Needed For You To Start Selling

It is often perceived that having this so-called “Distributor Model” as a business strategy is the best and most effective way of bringing your products to your customers. But it isn’t the only way to SELL, as today’s technology allows e-commerce as a market entry strategy to sell your products without the need to look for local distributors. 

A Brick-and-Mortar Store Would Be Required

If you visit China’s biggest malls, you might be seeing physical stores under the names of the world’s biggest brands. And you might think that having a physical presence really is the key, but it isn’t the ONLY key, as there are hundreds of thousands of brands that successfully established a name for themselves just by operating online. 

It Would Always Be Very Complicated

We would be lying if we say that entering the cross-border e-commerce industry is as easy as 1-2-3, but it isn’t as hard as trigonometry either. It still all goes down to the choices you are going to make. But you don’t have to face these complexities because you can look for a helping hand to start your entrepreneurial journey in China. 

And that’s what we, at GLOSKU, do. We help empower e-commerce-based businesses to reach markets in China. So you don’t have to worry ‘bout a thing because we are here to help you. Just click, and we’ll do the legwork for you.




Biggest Livestreaming Apps That Could Help Your Business Go Big in China 

Brands have this goal of establishing a connection with their customers, and this goal has been evolving throughout the years. And in today’s world, it is called “Livestreaming.” 

In China, livestreaming has been helping businesses to sell products and services by streaming videos live and in real-time as they are being recorded. So today, we’ll be giving you three of the biggest livestreaming apps that could help you go big in the world’s largest e-commerce market, China. 


This Beijing-based short video platform has been establishing its title as one of the hottest livestreaming apps in China this year. This application has been making its own e-commerce ecosystem wherein they’ve launched flagship brands and numerous merchants inside the app. With 700 million daily active users, you won’t be doubting Douyin’s ability to make your brand known and grow. 


Branded as one of China’s fastest growing livestreaming applications, Bilibili provides great help for businesses who are planning to sell in the country. Founded in 2009, Bilibili began as a video platform focused on anime culture in China and now has diversified into a wider range of content. They now offer display advertisements and promotions which can help brands reach their audiences.


Founded in 2011, this Beijing-based application has become the most downloaded video-sharing application in the country and is also the biggest video-sharing app worldwide. With a daily active user amounting to around 300 million users and a year-on-year growth rate of 16.4 percent. Kuaishou will surely serve an important role in the success of your business.

These are just some of the many livestreaming apps which businesses can use to increase brand awareness. But before any brand or business comes to a decision of starting to advertise on a new platform, the first thing they would want to do is to know who their target audience is, their age groups, preferences, and the culture they want to create. 

There is so much potential for livestreaming in China, just turn the cameras on and you can start your journey to achieving your entrepreneurial goals and being a successful entrepreneur. 




Why Sell Online in China?

For the past years, it is beyond doubt that China has been performing well in the e-commerce industry, it was even hailed as the world’s largest e-commerce market in the world. And not selling in China is considered a huge missed opportunity. But what are those things that make China the perfect market for your brand?

A Huge Market

Being the largest market in the world with online retail sales of 8429.5 billion yuan in the first 7 months of 2022, it is undeniable that the Chinese market is an opportunity-packed country for international brands all over the world. 

An E-Commerce Leader

China has recorded 782.41 million online shoppers searching and browsing e-commerce sites in 2020 and has been forecasted to skyrocket this year. This is a good sign for brands that are planning to introduce their products or services to China.

Chinese Consumers’ Craving for Western Products

Just as they like their own products available online, Chinese consumers have a huge craving for western products. Aside from it being “IN”, they also see western products as a better and safer product to patronize. 

These are just some of the many reasons why China could be a great place to have your brands marketed. So what are you waiting for? Consider selling your products in China today! 




Why Shopify Can Make Your E-Commerce Business Grow

Founded in 2006, Shopify has become a platform that allows businesses of all kinds, sizes, and industries to create their own online store. This allowed them to gain wider reach and access to potential customers from anywhere, and with merchants from different countries, it is also available internationally.

But why Shopify? 

Over 1.75 Million Merchants are Using Shopify

Even in a crowded market, a business can always find a place to establish a name for itself. And being crowded doesn’t always feel threatening as these numbers assure you of the credibility and stability this application can provide. 

It has more than 2.1 Million Active Users

One of the primary goals of a business is to have customers that would patronize its products and services. But with Shopify, you’ll never worry if there will be any potential customers as it houses millions of users that could be searching and browsing your storefronts every day. 

Over 50% of Shops See Repeat Purchases

One of the best feelings as a business owner is when a customer goes back to buy your products over and over again. Customer loyalty is one of the factors that helps a business to keep going. 

Businesses Built on Shopify Experienced 50% Increase in Sales

Isn’t it what every business needs? A drastic increase in sales. According to statistics, e-commerce stores built in Shopify witnessed a 50% increase in their sales. Isn’t that interesting?

Now Available in China

Earlier this year, Shopify teamed up with JD.Com, one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in China. I mean, we all know how big of an opportunity this country could offer and how Chinese consumers spend time on online shopping. This deal marks a significant step in the expansion of Shopify. 

We at GLOSKU will help you with a streamlined setup with Shopify for an improved e-commerce experience in China. Have faster and easier integrations to reach leading markets in China. Because with GLOSKU, you don’t have to worry about anything. Just do the clicks and we’ll do all the leg work.




Choosing The Right Product for Your Online Business

Finding the right product for your business might be a challenging job, especially if you are a first-time business owner. Well, you’re not alone. It really is hard coming up with a product that is both in demand and will give you high profits at the same time. A product that makes enough sales to keep the lights on is needed.

But don’t worry, ‘cause here are some tips you can use to come up with the right product.

Identify Customers’ Pain Point
Knowing things about your customers such as their financial limitations, or preferences might be of great help when it comes to formulating a product of your own. Coming up with a product that helps them solve their problems is also a huge factor that influences their buying behavior. There are several pricey products in the market that lacks uniqueness and are of low quality which causes frustration on the part of customers. This makes them look for alternatives that give them what they need and are worth their hard-earned money.

Go With Your Personal Passion

Doing business is not for everyone, it needs a lot of time, effort, and attention. And this is what makes your passion an essential part of coming up with a product. Choosing a niche that is in line with your passion might be risky, but it gives you the advantage of having full knowledge about what you will be selling. Working on something where your passion lies makes everything seem easier. 

Capitalize on Trends

What is IN now? What sells these days? What do the consumers prefer? Recognizing trends at the early stages of your entrepreneurial endeavor can already be a significant win for you and your business. This allows you to carve out your place and establish a name for yourself in the world of business. 

Look for Products with High-Profit Margin

There are factors you may want to consider first before coming up with a product, and some of them are the cost of production, promotion cost, and shipping costs. These things should be taken into consideration before finalizing what product your business will be offering. Sure that when these are carefully planned and researched, then you’ll be expecting high returns and profit. 

Choosing the right product can be a huge contributing factor to the success of your business. And this is what makes it an essential part of establishing a business, regardless if it is online or not. 



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Everyone can be an entrepreneur, but not everyone can be great.

In the world of business, they say experience builds great entrepreneurs. That is why people often believe that older people are more likely to be successful as they have overcome more challenges than younger people have. But that’s not the case for millennials, as they possess skills and talents that could be of great help in their entrepreneurial endeavors. 

Millennials have been wrongly perceived as people who don’t focus on the things that they do or have been seen as someone who will do no good on things such as business. But as opposed to this perception, millennials have shown potential on being successful business owners. 

But you might be asking yourself, how are millennials so good at doing business?

A Creative Generation.

This group of people loves thinking out of the box. They are die-hard fans of innovation as they are fully aware of the constantly changing world and those who continuously adapt to these changes are those who succeed. These young entrepreneurs are not afraid to forget how things were done in the past and are ready to provide what the present day demands. 

Friends With Technology. 

Advertising your products, or reaching a wider audience has been easier with the presence of various social media platforms. It is without a doubt that millennials are technologically inclined, and have a full understanding of how modern technology works. This makes them more productive when it comes to working and managing their businesses. 

A Generation Driven by Purpose. 

Aside from generating profit, millennials are known to make decisions with one thing in their minds — to make great contributions. They don’t just throw stones, they also want to make the biggest splash. It’s like they are striving to leave a mark for everyone to remember. This makes millennial entrepreneurs stand out from the rest. Because entrepreneurs should not take earning as their utmost priority but rather have that burning passion that is bright enough so that everyone could see their light. 

Millennials, having the highest population among all generations, can help in shaping the future of the business world as we know it today.  With the right people in the right places, their skills and expertise could make an entrepreneurial endeavor successful and be great role models for the entrepreneurs of the next generation.