Cosmetic Trends in China this 2023

The world of cosmetics is constantly evolving, with new trends emerging every year. As we look ahead to 2023, it’s exciting to see what the market trends for cosmetics in China will be. From natural ingredients to futuristic technology, here’s what we can expect to see in the world of beauty in the coming year.

Sustainability is key

Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the impact their choices have on the environment, and are seeking out products made from eco-friendly and biodegradable materials. Brands that focus on using natural and organic ingredients will likely see a boost in popularity, as consumers seek out products that are not only good for their skin, but also for the planet.

The rise of smart cosmetics

These innovative products use cutting-edge technology to enhance the user’s experience, whether that be through augmented reality try-ons or smart packaging that tracks usage and provides personalized recommendations. Smart cosmetics are set to revolutionize the way we interact with our beauty products, providing us with a more immersive and personalized experience.

Increase in the popularity of multi-functional cosmetics

Products that offer multiple benefits, such as moisturizing and sun protection, will continue to be sought after by consumers who are looking for a streamlined and efficient beauty routine. This trend towards multi-functional products reflects the busy lifestyles of modern consumers, who want to achieve maximum benefits with a minimum amount of effort.

Focus on self-care and wellness

Products that promote relaxation and stress relief, such as aromatherapy and spa-inspired products, will continue to be popular, as consumers seek out ways to take care of themselves both inside and out. In addition, the rise of “skinimalism” – a minimalist approach to skincare – will also continue, as consumers look for simple and effective products that do not over-complicate their routines.

The market trends for cosmetics in China in 2023 are all about finding a balance between technology and nature, efficiency and self-care, and simplicity and luxury. It’s an exciting time to be in the beauty industry, and we can’t wait to see what innovations will emerge in the coming year.




Top 3 Key Fashion Retail Trends in 2023

Fashion retail is an ever-evolving industry that is impacted by various factors such as social, technological, and economic changes. The rise of e-commerce, the increasing popularity of sustainable fashion, and the need for personalization are just some of the trends that are shaping the fashion retail industry in 2023 and beyond.

Online Shopping is still the preferred way to shop post-pandemic

One of the key emerging fashion retail trends is the growth of online shopping. With the rise of e-commerce platforms, more and more consumers are opting to shop for fashion items online, resulting in a significant increase in online sales.

Brands are now investing in their digital presence, creating engaging e-commerce websites, and utilizing social media platforms to reach their target audience. Online shopping has also made it easier for consumers to compare prices and find the best deals, leading to increased competition among fashion retailers.

Caring for the environment is cool

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of fast fashion and are looking for brands that prioritize sustainability in their production processes. Brands are now turning to more environmentally-friendly materials and production methods, as well as using packaging that is recyclable and biodegradable.

Personalization is Important

Consumers are looking for clothing and accessories that are customized to their individual preferences and styles. Brands are now using technology, such as augmented reality, to allow customers to virtually try on clothing and accessories before making a purchase. Personalization has also been incorporated into the production process, with brands offering made-to-measure clothing and accessories.

In conclusion, fashion retail is constantly evolving, with new trends emerging every year. The rise of e-commerce, the growing popularity of sustainable fashion, and the need for personalization are just some of the trends that are shaping the fashion retail industry in 2023 and beyond. Brands that are able to adapt to these trends and provide consumers with what they want will be the ones that succeed in the highly competitive fashion retail market.




The Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) beauty and fashion industry in the United States is booming, but there’s still room for growth.

One potential market that’s attracting attention is Southeast Asia. Here are four reasons why US DTC beauty and fashion brands should invest in this region.

Reason 1- Growing middle class: Southeast Asia has a growing middle class, with a population of over 600 million people and an increasing purchasing power. This presents a huge opportunity for US DTC brands to tap into a new market and reach a wider audience.

Reason 2 – Digital penetration: The region has high digital penetration, with a large percentage of the population active on social media and e-commerce platforms. This provides a convenient platform for US DTC brands to reach potential customers and showcase their products.

Reason 3 – Cultural influence: Southeast Asia is known for its vibrant and unique beauty and fashion culture, making it an ideal place for US DTC brands to test new products and gain insight into local preferences.

Reason 4 – Strategic location: Located at the crossroads of Southeast Asia, it serves as a hub for international trade and commerce, making it easier for US DTC brands to reach other markets in the region. With its strong transportation infrastructure and favorable government policies, Southeast Asia is an attractive place for foreign investment.

In conclusion, the Southeast Asia region offers a compelling opportunity for US DTC beauty and fashion brands to reach a new market, tap into the growing middle class, and expand their brand’s reach. By investing in this region, US DTC brands can take advantage of its digital penetration, cultural influence, and strategic location, and reach new heights in their global growth strategy.




Choosing The Right Product for Your Online Business

Finding the right product for your business might be a challenging job, especially if you are a first-time business owner. Well, you’re not alone. It really is hard coming up with a product that is both in demand and will give you high profits at the same time. A product that makes enough sales to keep the lights on is needed.

But don’t worry, ‘cause here are some tips you can use to come up with the right product.

Identify Customers’ Pain Point
Knowing things about your customers such as their financial limitations, or preferences might be of great help when it comes to formulating a product of your own. Coming up with a product that helps them solve their problems is also a huge factor that influences their buying behavior. There are several pricey products in the market that lacks uniqueness and are of low quality which causes frustration on the part of customers. This makes them look for alternatives that give them what they need and are worth their hard-earned money.

Go With Your Personal Passion

Doing business is not for everyone, it needs a lot of time, effort, and attention. And this is what makes your passion an essential part of coming up with a product. Choosing a niche that is in line with your passion might be risky, but it gives you the advantage of having full knowledge about what you will be selling. Working on something where your passion lies makes everything seem easier. 

Capitalize on Trends

What is IN now? What sells these days? What do the consumers prefer? Recognizing trends at the early stages of your entrepreneurial endeavor can already be a significant win for you and your business. This allows you to carve out your place and establish a name for yourself in the world of business. 

Look for Products with High-Profit Margin

There are factors you may want to consider first before coming up with a product, and some of them are the cost of production, promotion cost, and shipping costs. These things should be taken into consideration before finalizing what product your business will be offering. Sure that when these are carefully planned and researched, then you’ll be expecting high returns and profit. 

Choosing the right product can be a huge contributing factor to the success of your business. And this is what makes it an essential part of establishing a business, regardless if it is online or not. 





Chic, subtle, sexy, and elegant. These are what come to mind when talking about French girl outfits worn by fine young women, whether they are in shopping malls or just roaming around the streets. Its ability to effortlessly bring out elegance is what makes it popular and appealing among people who love to try different styles and have a good taste in fashion. 

Known for being the world’s biggest consumer of fashion and clothing, China is home to hundreds of millions of people who put value on what they wear, especially women who usually like going with the trend and have this thing called FOMO, well you know — Fear Of Missing Out.

And Chinese shoppers surely would not want to miss out on this thing called, “The Feminine French Aesthetic.”

This has been eyed by Chinese shoppers and is currently a trend among women in the country. But it isn’t surprising though, as Chinese people are known for spending and investing in things such as clothing, because, for them, it doesn’t matter how much something costs, and the moment they see it, then they will definitely get it. 

A few days ago, Chinese netizens have been mentioning hashtags that feature French girl looks and ideas to draw inspiration from. Retros, plains, and chic floral dresses are some outfit pieces that become a must-have for Chinese shoppers to achieve that chic french girl vibe. 

Brands like Rouje, Réalisation Par, and Carel have been exerting efforts to make noticeable changes and further improve their brand awareness since last year. This could be an opportunity for emerging french-style niche brands to have their products be known and turn this situation into a stepping stone that will help their brand grow.

People have different ways of expressing themselves, some express themselves through words, through actions, some through fashion, and Chinese shoppers do this by adapting to what’s in. So attention to all french fashion brands, it’s your time to storm the consumer capital that is China.





The fashion industry has been huge for the past few years, there have been numerous brands trying to compete and establish a name for themselves in their chosen industry. And when we say names, we mean really huge names. So, who doesn’t know about Shein? An online retail store that took the world by storm when it comes to clothing and fashion. 

And its consumer base? Well, it’s no other than Gen Zs. 

But how did it become so popular among youngsters?

Trendy Pieces

Gen Zs, as we all know are fashion-forward and are huge patronizers of fashion and statement pieces. They like to feel accepted, loved and express themselves through their fashion statements. And one good thing about Shein is that it produces fashion pieces that are in, and gives the feeling of being relevant to anyone who wears it. 

Competitive Pricing 

Taking your style to the next level doesn’t have to be expensive, and this is what sets Shein apart from its competitors — the affordability of its products. Compared to its competitors, the company has been offering products at a much lower price, allowing a wider customer base to avail of its products without compromising the quality.

Faster Shipping Periods

It is really irritating to wait for weeks or even months for your ordered products to be shipped and received. But Shein changed the way shipping periods happen, with an average shipping time of six to eight days, it surely is a factor that makes it a better choice not just for Gen Zs, but for all other generations. 

Discounts and Promos Everywhere

These kinds of marketing strategies make customers more interested in businesses as these are available almost everywhere. From discounts when you purchase from influencers, promos when you use a code when you buy three items, and even when you buy with a membership. It surely is an opportunity no one wants to miss. I mean, who doesn’t want discounts and promotions though?

These are just some of the many reasons why Shein has become the world’s largest fashion retailer, and why it is loved by Gen Zs nowadays. 




Champagne Taste (on a Beer Budget)

No. This article has nothing to do with that song by Home Free. 

This article pays homage to the millennials who have managed to be fashionable post-Great Recession. But more importantly, it provides insight as to how the upcoming recession will shape the fashion industry, particularly, the Gen Zs taking the reign in terms of trends. After all, they are inheriting the world as we know it today- hard times very much included.

Thank heavens, The Gen Zs were born well-prepared

Because Gen Zs practically lived with economic uncertainty all their lives, their generation isn’t expected to do a 180 for the upcoming recession. If anything, their skills in finding better deals online, an affinity for thrifting, and supporting sustainable products make them perfectly geared for trying times. But that is not to say that challenges won’t be felt.

They will be, but Gen Zs will be facing each of them with style.

Used Fashion is Key

If millennials had the high lows, where they incorporate affordable pieces with branded/investment pieces in an outfit, Gen Zs are champions of used fashion. It is sustainability and a lower price point rolled into one! 

With the help of social media and e-commerce platforms, people can easily buy and sell items online. Instead of coughing up major dollars for a Gucci belt, why not just buy a second-hand, rank AB Gucci bag for much less? 

To be fair, this option is much less known by millennials during their time but with that said, Gen Zs are enjoying this amazing option now, and used fashion has become a rising market on its own with an estimated value of US$ 96B last year.

Thrifting is Trendy

Who has not heard of Thrift Shop? Again, not the song by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. We’re talking about actual thrift stores being raided and featured by influencers in their TikTok and YouTube videos where the Gen Zs are the major audiences being influenced by these very influencers. 

Again, two very important boxes are being ticked: Gen Zs’ affinity for sustainability and much, or probably the lowest price points!

Arguably, these thrifted clothes that were made by reputable brands have better quality than fast-fashion brands. If you know how to spot great finds, thrift stores are actual goldmines. 

Fashion will survive

Yes, it will. It always does. This time, with influences from different eras thanks to used fashion. Do not be surprised if you spot bell bottoms from the ’70s, shirtwaists from the ‘40s, and Juicy Couture sweatpants from the 2000s while you’re in line for your morning coffee. Doc and Marty didn’t mess up the timeline, it’s just 2022 fashion shaped by the recession.